YouTube adding trending shorts

Written by Ryan on Fri Apr 22 2022

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shorts cover

If you needed more proof that vertical video is king, YouTube is adding a new shorts shelf to the trending tab to showcase popular short videos. 

We are sure you're sick of reading about it but the disruption, and influence, that TikTok has had on social video content over the last few years is unprecedented!

For years horizontal videos were the status quo, this is mainly down to the fact that YouTube is the OG of online video and was one of the first sites that valued video content which other platforms adopted.

Since TikTok came about, it has changed many things about how we behave on social media, from watch time to viewer attention, to video orientation.

Reels have now become the easiest way to increase page reach on Instagram which is a direct link to TikToks influence. 

Glass video

This is a video that previously we would have posted in 1080 pixel by 1080 pixel (normal Instagram feed size) but we have had to adapt to how people consume the content. Everything is still the same, just taller.

Ellie Harries our social media manager spent the first part of her career as a journalist. During her training, it was reinforced that video content had to be published horizontally, not vertically. 


This isn’t just our feelings we have the stats to back it up!

There was a report that came out showing that videos that are published vertically have a 90% higher watch through rate compared to horizontal ones.

If you have read this far and are still planning on posting horizontal videos - DON’T. 

By continuing to post horizontal videos, (especially on TikTok and Reels) you morph yourself and your business into the digital version of your Grandma when she asks you to help with “The” Facebook.

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