New Instagram Update

Written by Ryan on Wed Sep 28 2022

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Instagram is still throwing new features at the wall to see what sticks.

The latest in a barrage of changes, Instagram is testing a new ‘Public’ folder in the direct message inbox, allowing you to “message or share your favourite posts directly with your followers.”

The general concept sounds good, right? You can increase the likelihood of those already following you seeing and engaging with your posts.

Similar to sending out a broadcast back in the BBM days.

But realistically this may clog up your inbox like spam emails - ignored and reduces a brand's trust.

It seems the overarching goal with this update is for accounts to get their content in front of their followers to increase engagement, and improve the overall experience for their followers.

Do you know what else would do that? A CHRONOLOGICAL FEED.

Users have been reporting their feed has seen an increase in “recommended” posts and a decrease in posts from accounts they follow leading to them missing out on the content they want to see.

This update seems to be designed to tackle this disproportionate distribution of content - just not in the way we want.

This feature is still in testing so not all users have access to the feature but we are sure it will be soon.

Do you think this feature will improve your content reach?

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