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Written by Ellie Harries on Wed Nov 17 2021

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A major player in the creation of a successful marketing plan is the skill to develop a solid social media strategy for your business, so why not take yours to the next level like so many others and head over to TikTok? Just in case you’ve been isolating under a rock for the past year, TikTok is a video-sharing social media platform and is currently the most downloaded app in the last year, with more than 1.1 billion users at present.

Maybe you’ve spotted people wearing those honeycomb leggings in the gym? Or even been intrigued when seeing people drink freakishly green water? Well, these two products blew the minds of millions of users across TikTok, with the two hashtags wracking up a staggering 367 million views!

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By now you should see where we’re going with this, if you’re not already on the platform, get on it! With the much-needed shift to online shopping, especially over the pandemic, your business should take a switched-on approach and open your products up to the world of eCommerce across apps such as TikTok. So how do you create the perfect social media strategy to boost your sales and business? Let’s get right into it!

First Things First, Online Shopping on TikTok 

With social commerce becoming a big part of our trending apps, long gone are the days when you had to leave the house to shop for clothes, new furniture, or even electronics. Nowadays we don’t even have to get out of bed to grab our laptop and order something, with online shopping bursting through the screens of our phones.

Having the ability to sell your product on the world’s largest platforms for FREE is only something a digital marketer would’ve dreamt of back in the early 2000s, but now you’ve got the chance to do so right at the tips of your fingers, so what are you waiting for? 

TikTok is continuously rolling out new retail features, including an innovation that allows users to share shopping experiences through links and also earn commissions from the sales they convert. TikTok has also embarked on an exciting partnership with Shopify, allowing the app to be integrated for their users too.

Having created a new customer journey through the app itself, the familiarity of using the platforms creates a secure level of trust between the brand and consumer, this then goes on to generate an easy trigger finger for shoppers to make purchases through the app. 

Make Your Mark With TikTok

Now that you know social media shops are the ultimate step in switching up your business strategy, the next step you need to take is to create your business social media accounts, if you don’t already have them, and begin posting valuable, innovative content. 

Here are our 4 top tips you can use to skyrocket your business with TikTok: 

Capture Those Moments 

Always have your phone on hand to capture every step of the process, when creating your product. Film it in portrait mode, find a trending sound, and make it fun! 

Using short, captivating videos for your TikTok creates access to a wider reach of audiences and helps maintain your growth in engagement, this leads to an increase in revenue.

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Going Live in 3...2...1... 

Take your business to the next level by going live on TikTok, it’s an excellent way to authentically connect with your audience on many levels. It allows you to effectively build brand affinity and strengthen your trust between consumers and businesses. Be aware though - you need to have 1000 followers to go live, so build up that following!

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#AD - Influencers And Content Creators 

Influencers and Content Creators have built up their own community of followers and hardcore fans, so by teaming up with them - your brand can: 

● Be exposed to a larger audience 

● Have a possible boost in sales

● Provide credibility through endorsement by someone trusted 


People Purchase From People 

Taking notice of the content created by customers and users across social platforms is now a key to success. It is cost-effective and, because people are regularly creating content, user-generated content fortifies trust between brands and consumers.

Studies have shown that user-generated content is five times more likely to drive sales than a piece of content curated through brand-sponsored posts, it’s a trend that you cannot afford to surpass. 

# and Trends

Using a sound that’s trending, is one of the best ways to get seen as the FYP (For You Page) will be rolling out videos with that, so you could be in luck and reach a wider audience. 

Creating your brand's very own hashtag allows you to share this with followers who can then use this throughout their own content, submitting videos related to your brand. This hashtag can then be shared across a variety of social platforms allowing brands to survey the metrics produced from these, such as popularity, whether influencers or content creators hop on your trend, and also how quick it grows and spreads across the platform.

Get Started Today 

With TikTok bringing a new lease of life to social media user engagement and behaviours, it’s your time to jump on the trend train and kickstart your brand’s TikTok journey. 

Part of this new evolution comes from creating and solidifying your company’s social commerce strategically across multiple platforms. Get in touch with our agency today to find out how we can take your brand to the next level!

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