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Written by Ryan on Thu Mar 24 2022

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Some time ago, we reported that Instagram had plans to revert its feed to chronological order.

After years of users pleading with the social platform to bring back a chronological order feed they have finally listened - but not exactly how we thought it would be.

Instead of reverting to a single feed that shows posts in order of the time they were posted, Instagram has introduced a "Following" and "Favourites" feed to allow users to "quickly catch up on the posts you don't want to miss".

Preview of new Instagram feed update


When you select the favourites tab you will be shown the latest posts from a list of up to 50 accounts that you can pick and edit. This can be your best friends, your favourite creators, or favourite social media agency... 


As you would expect, the following tab will show you posts from a mix of accounts that you are already following.



Instagram has said that "home" is what we know as the current feed. It will stay the same as it is now with a mix of ranked content from people you follow and recommend content you may like.

This will be the default view on the app, so unless you click the top left of the screen and choose favourites or following, you won't see any difference.

Our Opinion

For those of us who remember the OG chronological feed, this news isn't exactly what we had in mind. We just wanted to see more of our friends and fewer Instagram "comedians".

This update seems like it will be similar to Twitter's feed - with more steps. But it will be interesting to see how this update will affect reach and engagement for small accounts.

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