Tiktok rolls out Snapchat and Instagram-style stories to more users

Written by Ellie on Fri Mar 18 2022

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Tiktok updates to allow more users to utilise stories

Another day, and another change to the fastest growing social media platform out there.

If you’ve been using any form of social media for the past ten years, you’ll be aware that Snapchat was the originator when it came to ‘stories’ (way back in 2013) allowing people to upload content that remained on the platform for just 24 hours.

It was only 3 years later when Instagram clearly took notice and thought it would be a great addition to its platform - and here we all are today uploading content to our Instagram stories on the daily, and keeping our followers in the loop as to what we’re doing each day

Now TikTok is rolling out a similar idea - we’d hate to say they were copying!

Tiktok stories

These will disappear after 24 hours, remarkably similar to Snapchat and Instagram...


Unlike the other two platforms (and the likes of Facebook and Whatsapp), there’s one thing missing currently it seems… and that’s the ability to scroll through multiple creators’ stories.

On Instagram, we’re very used to seeing all of those we follow stories at the top of the feed when we open the app but right now, you have to go onto a creators’ profile on TikTok to see their story.

It’s understood from what we’ve seen online that this could be changing, but for the time being, we’ll have to check out our favourite TikTok-ers profiles to see what they’re uploading to their stories.

To do that, you simply have to click on their profile and click on the photo icon (if it’s highlighted in blue) to see it.

Tiktok stories Ellie Harries profile

So, what next for TikTok?

Videos have gone from allowing just 1 minute of content to 3 minutes, to now 10 - and with stories being introduced, will we need to go anywhere else to inhale the video content we all desire? 

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