How to make your TikTok stand out - 5 brand accounts getting it right in 2022

Written by Ryan on Thu Aug 18 2022

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At this point, you may be sick of the entire marketing community still talking about TikTok for businesses - but that’s because it’s so important, and people still aren’t listening.

Here we have selected our 5 favourite brands on TikTok and will break down why they are so great and what they are doing right.


KOHO is a free-spending and savings account where you can get instant cashback and earn interest on your entire account.

Although a fintech company, KOHO is essentially a financial business - not the most interesting subject. But KOHO has utilised TikTok to generate over 14.8 million views and lift brand awareness by 9.9%.

Targeting a Gen-Z demographic, KOHO creates content geared towards them taking part in current trends and using trending sounds while relating them back to their services.

KOHO is making use of the platform's influencers by partnering with accounts to authentically share the real-life benefits of having a KOHO card.

2. M&S Romford

What makes M&S’s TikTok presence so great is there is so much of it.

Along with a main verified account, different stores across the country have their own TikTok account where staff members create the content.

M&S Romford is one of the most popular M&S accounts on TikTok with 3.5 million likes and 91.2k followers.

An important difference between this account and other national brands is employee participation.

The content seems to be created by the store members which creates a positive perception of M&S as an employer, and the environment of the store.

3. Ryanair

We couldn’t make a list of brands on TikTok without mentioning Ryanair.

Although a budget airline, its TikTok is nothing but premium. As we write this, the account has 1.7 million followers and 16.8 million likes.

Ryanair uses the filter seen above in a majority of its videos. This quirky feature shows a real understanding of the relaxed and informal tone of the app

Like others on the list, Ryanair is quick to jump on trending sounds and challenges ensuring that in some way they relate it back to air travel and their brand.

4. Rogue

We have spoken before about blending in to stand out, and no one on this list does it better than Rogue.

They do it so well in fact we didn’t realise it was a fully-fledged business until a couple of weeks after following.

As a vintage clothing store targeting a specific demographic, it has tailored its content to that demographic.

Rogue films TikToks outside of its store, asking passers-by questions like “what is your favourite fashion trend right now?” essentially conducting mini interviews.

This informal content speaks to its audience as they see a wide range of people engaging in a topic they care about ingraining Rogue into the vintage fashion culture.

5. Paralympics

Although not a business there is a lot to learn from the Paralympics TikTok account.

The reason we want to include the Paralympics on this list is due to its understanding of the culture on the platform and its ability to repurpose content.

Although the event isn’t currently taking place, the page is still posting videos multiple times a week, proving that you can rework content from last year to use tomorrow.

It is taking clips from previously televised events and finding trending sounds that make sense to produce engaging humorous content that increases awareness of the organisation

Although completely different industries, sizes, and locations, the one thing each of these brands has in common is the understanding of the value TikTok has to offer.

The only cost of this content is time. Video production and editing are minimal, so what is stopping you from starting?

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