5 tips to smash your customer service with Twitter

Written by ryan on Wed Aug 31 2022

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Gone are the days when customer disputes are resolved via waiting 3-5 days for an email - customers living in an “instant gratification” world require instant resolutions.

These are our top 5 tips on using your Twitter to improve your customer service experience.

1. Set up a dedicated handle for social media customer support

You don’t want your social media efforts and goals to get mixed up with your customer service ones - so make a dedicated channel for customers to receive support.

It is a good idea to create a separate social media account solely for customer support.

Take Amazon for example. 

The E-commerce giant has a dedicated Twitter set up to answer customer queries in multiple languages.

"1 in 3 social media users would rather have social media customer care services than telephone or email."

2. Find and monitor conversations relevant to your business

Using your Twitter account to engage with customers about topics they are interested in will help soften a corporate image.

By using the explore section on Twitter and searching relevant hashtags you can find your core demographic to engage with building a healthy rapport.

This process will also allow you to see first-hand what your customers care about and interact with, allowing you to make better-informed decisions.

"75% of people will likely post something positive about your brand if you make meaningful social media connections."

3. Create social media guidelines

Whether a small business or a massive one, it is likely that at some point or another, more than one person will be using your Twitter account - but your customers don’t have to know that.

To ensure brand consistency, before doing anything you sit down and make it clear how you want your business to be received. 

The tone of voice, formality, emojis, and topics you want to avoid all need to be considered and understood by all staff.

4. Be proactive

Often a large base of customers want to know the same information, why there is a company-wide issue, a delay with shipping or an announcement so save yourself some trouble - be proactive. 

Use your feed to keep customers informed on anything relating to business news. 

If the information is there before people come looking, customer satisfaction will be improved and your workload will be lightened. 

5. Manage customer expectations

Sometimes issues can’t be fixed so be honest about the situation - sometimes all a customer wants is the facts

When a follower engages you for answers don't try to double-talk them - be honest and straightforward.

By being upfront with information your customers (although they may not be happy) you instil a feeling of honesty and trust in your brand.

Twitter is an amazing tool that allows you to directly speak to your customers, but you still need to put in the work!

Implement these tips into your Twitter strategy and watch your customer satisfaction go up, and your stress come down.

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