How to choose the right social media agency

Written by Ryan on Wed May 25 2022

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Working in a world surrounded by social media 24/7 we are aware, more than most, that it is an over-saturated industry. 

Anyone with a phone, Canva account, and an internet connection is offering their services to manage your social media accounts - but with so much noise, how do you find the right social media manager for you and your business?

These are our top tips for when you are on the hunt for someone to manage your social media channels. 


Being such a busy industry, a lot of managers will niche down and only work with specific industries - meaning they are well versed in the ins and outs of your industry. 

Take Glass for example.

Although we have the ability and experience of working across multiple industries, we often offer our services to small businesses that struggle with social media. This allows us to know what our customers require from us from the start.

Is there chemistry? 

When you work with an agency, it’s like hiring a new employee - make sure it’s someone you don’t mind spending time and being seen with!

The last few years have seen company culture under the microscope more than ever and that applies to the companies you work with too. 

When looking for an agency to work with, ensure that the company as a whole matches YOUR company's values, otherwise it dilutes what your company stands for.

What would you think if Greenpeace and Shell partnered on a project together?

Can they provide evidence? 

People love to promise the world, but can they back it up?

You don’t want to go through the process of hiring a company, paying their fees, and giving them access to your accounts just to find out that they can’t obtain the results you need. 

Although there can be ambiguity in the world of social media, because a lot of companies don’t want their competitors to know they’re using an agency, you should always ask agencies for case studies and statistics to back up their claims. 

Ask about KPIs like engagement growth over 3 months so you can see the effect they have on the accounts they manage.

Do they offer what you need?

It doesn’t matter if an agency ticks every requirement we have mentioned so far, if they aren’t offering what you need they aren’t the right fit.

Some agencies will only work on specific social media platforms or only work with B2B businesses. 

There are many reasons for this but if they don’t offer the things you need, it’s a waste of time.

For example, if your prime demographic is 30-50-year-old B2B business owners, an Instagram-focused agency isn’t the right match. If this is your demographic you should be reaching out to agencies that focus on LinkedIn.

Follow these tips so that the next social media agency you approach, will be the last one. 

If you need help, do get in touch. Our team is experienced in a multitude of fields - so we might just be your perfect match.

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