What is the new Instagram moderator feature?

Written by Ryan on Mon Mar 14 2022

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Instagram is continuing its trend of developing tools and resources to benefit its creators in an attempt to attract them to stay on the platform.

Following Twitch, Youtube, and TikTok - Instagram has decided to add the option for moderators (mods) to be selected during live streams.

These platforms have had live moderators for quite some time now, protecting creators from online abuse - allowing them to build out a community in a safe environment.

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What does this new feature mean?

Creators can now choose people to monitor their live streams with the power to remove viewers, report comments, and limit comments during a stream. 'Mods' are usually on the lookout for trolls and hateful comments being posted in the live chat.

This option will allow creators to focus on their streams with the knowledge that their chat, and community, is functioning how they want it.

How do you implement it?

Instagram has made it simple to add someone as a 'mod' to your live. All you have to do is tap the 3 dots in the comment bar during a live and search for the account you want to add.


It is unclear if this feature will be available on all types of accounts yet - but we imagine it will be for creator and business accounts only.

Why have they done this?

Instagram seem to be using this as another opportunity to move towards a creator first model.

This change will incentivise high profile users to use the platform as their primary source of content distribution.

Adding a level of community monitoring on the app also opens more opportunities for brand deals and ads.

Our opinion

In some people's eyes, Instagram has in a way "neglected" creators when compared to its competitors.

The other platforms have direct ways of monetising content, personal creator contacts and many of the creator tools Instagram is only releasing now.

With the threat apps like TikTok pose, it seems that Instagram is being forced to compete and do all it can to keep users on the platform.

If creators can go live on Instagram with the knowledge that they won't have to deal with hate, they may be more likely to stick around.

Is it too little too late for Instagram? Or do you think this feature will encourage users to stick around?

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