Twitter integrates NFTs

Written by Ryan on Fri Jan 21 2022

  • Social Media

After months of jokes about screenshotting NFTs to claim ownership via profile pictures, Twitter has released an official verification process for NFT profile pictures.

Twitter NFT<br/>

Credit: @TwitterBlue

With this new feature, you are able to link your ETH wallet to your Twitter account and select an NFT you own to use as a profile picture.

At the moment you can only use ETH NFTs but Twitter has stated that this is just the “first iteration” and in time they may go on to offer other blockchains.

Once you select an NFT for your profile picture, instead of the normal circle border accompanied with standard profile pictures you get a hexagonal one.

If another user attempts to screenshot your NFT profile picture and upload it without buying it, they will be left with a plain JPeg and circular border.

This new feature makes Twitter the first social platform to integrate NFT technology in a meaningful way. 

As the months pass web 3.0 is growing more and more prominent in society, so the only question is - are you going to embrace it or ignore it?

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