4 types of social media content for car dealerships

Written by Ryan on Sat Feb 26 2022

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Understanding the importance of great social content is only the start, you need to come up with ideas to start creating it. Sometimes businesses hit a creative wall when it comes to creating content, they don’t know what to post or what they want to say.

We have heard many say that their company is too small or niche to create content about, but content can come from anything, as long as you create it with your audience in mind.

We want to look at different businesses and explain the type of content we would create if we were in charge of their social accounts.

First up is car dealerships, but this type of content can be applied to any business in a similar industry.

Car Specs

This piece of content would be a hosted video, detailing individual car features and specs. Think of a Top Gear style video showcasing all the key points of a car, and some clips of it in action.


You want to show people the products you have to sell but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring, have some fun with it!

By creating a video on the cars, running down all of the specs and key features like tech accessories, engine size, or top speed you will educate consumers while giving an entertaining piece of content for them watch.

New Driver Advice

Who are buying cars all year round without fail? New drivers.

Young drivers make up a large portion of car sales each year. You can target this demographic by giving free advice to young or new drivers.

New driver stocl<br/>

Think about the things people new to being behind the wheel don’t know, but really should. Topics that could be covered are; how to change a tire, how to pick the right insurance, how to check fluid levels, and much more.

By developing a relationship with consumers at a young age, you instil a sense of brand loyalty. You are able to educate them which will create a positive rapport with them before they walk through your doors.

Scenic Photos

Although many companies already display high-quality photos of the cars they offer, it can be taken a step further.

scenic car <br/>

Don’t just take photos in your carpark, go out to the surrounding areas or places that customers will recognise. This will add a sense of local knowledge and community.

Trip Locations

Many people buy cars to go on adventures. So why not give your customers ideas on where to visit?

Trip stock

Utilise the guide feature on Instagram to give recommendations on local spots, landmarks, and businesses to take road trips.

A past example of this is the famous Michelin Stars. The origins of the hospitality rating system came from the tire manufacturer Michelin.

They wanted to increase driving in France so people would go through tires faster - increasing their sales. They created a guidebook for the best restaurants out of town to encourage people to drive more.

Give people a reason to use your product and then capitalise on it.

The main thing to remember when creating content for social media is “it’s not all about you”.

You need to give people a reason to want to follow your socials and the quickest way to do that is by giving them content they will enjoy or find useful.

If you are interested in exploring a bespoke content strategy click here to book a free consultation.

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