How do you create an Instagram shop?

Written by Ryan on Tue Jan 18 2022

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Instagram is home to 500 million daily users, all scrolling through their feeds to pass the time so why wouldn't you give them the chance to buy from you?

Way back in 2019 Instagram released the shopping feature allowing businesses and influencers to add shopping tags to their posts. Since then this feature has grown to be a more prominent part of the app with its own tab to showcase products on offer from the pages that you follow.

As an Instagram user, you may have your own opinions on this change but from a business perspective, you can’t ignore the opportunity. Instagram has provided the ability to shorten consumers shopping journeys, making it more convenient to buy products. Instead of leaving Instagram to go to the website, find the item and then buy it, they can click on the image and buy almost instantly.

So how do you set up an Instagram shop as a business?

Follow these steps below and you'll have it up and running in no time!

insta shop 1

First things first, you need to go into your Instagram settings and ensure that your profile is set up as either a creator or business account as you can't add a shop to a personal account.

insta shop2

As Instagram uses the Meta Business Suite, you have to connect your Instagram account to Facebook.

Insta shop 3

You have two options when it comes to uploading the products you are selling.

The first is referred to as the DIY method. You can go into the settings within Meta Business Suite and upload products individually providing descriptions and prices. This is great for businesses just starting out with no website in place.

The second option to upload your products is importing them from an e-commerce platform partner like Shopify. You can copy and paste your whole catalogue from the website to sell your products on Instagram. 

Insta shop 4

After you are happy with all the products you’ve uploaded it’s time to send your account off for review. Instagram need to check over your account and the information supplied before you can start selling. To do that you;

1. Go to your business’s Instagram profile and tap the 3 horizontal lines 
2. Scroll down and select settings 
3. Tap on “sign up for shopping”
4. Follow the steps on the screen to submit your account for review.

Instashop 5

Fingers crossed, your account gets approved for Instagram shopping - now all you have to do is turn it on.

To do that you;

  1. Go to your business account settings again and tap the 3 horizontal lines 

  2. Scroll down and tap on settings 

  3. Tap business and then shopping 

  4. Select the product catalogue that you want to connect to your account 

  5. Select done.

Instagram shop 7<br/>

Now the hard work is done all that’s left to do is create a post and sell your products! 

You do that by;

  1. Create a post as you normally would.

  2. Tap on “Tag Products”

  3. Tap on the photo and search for the product you want 

  4. Select the product

  5. Tap “done”

  6. Tap share 

That is it, 6 easy steps to get you up and running on Instagram shop. 

This is a great opportunity for smaller businesses trying to grow their audience and increase sales. If you still have any questions or are thinking about taking your social media content to the next level, please do get in touch

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